Our Facility

What are the benefits of the facility?

We have a state-of-the-art facility where we can scientifically evaluate, diagnose and treat your dog’s problems. When evaluating and treating your dog, we have high definition video equipment recording every angle, allowing us to assess their every muscle movement. Simultaneously, every small sound or noise is recorded and analyzed. We also have a computerized 3D surround sound system, allowing us to determine their reaction towards auditory stimulus. When necessary, we have a lightning and thunder storm simulator and various forms of aromatherapy.

Why is the video system so beneficial?

Video System SurveillanceIn order to determine why a behavior problem is occurring you need to determine the underlying cause of the problem. Dogs communicate with body language and the most skilled handler cannot always catch every small muscle movement. By the time your dog appears anxious or starts showing aggression, there have been many quick changes in what they are ‘saying’. A slight change in their pupils, a tightening of various muscles or the slight change in ear, head, tail or posture are all forms of communication. Being able to break down these reactions to the smallest steps is invaluable when diagnosing and treating a behavior problem. Having the ability to zoom in and review each frame and email you clips of these small changes, ensuring you understand them and understand how to implement the modification program we design for you, makes it much easier for you to successfully help your canine companion overcome their problem.

In-House Behavior Modification Programs:

Canine Case Squad Training SessionCertain cases are too complex or intense for an owner to handle in the beginning or require more time than an owner can realistically provide; so for these cases we will take the dog in, conducting extensive work with them and then finishing the work with the owners. While many problems can fall into this category, one example might be food / possessive aggression; where an owner cannot safely perform the initial work and cannot recognize the slight muscle changes to know how to begin teaching the dog a different association and response. By doing many short sessions a day with this type of dog, we can determine what type of possessive aggression they have and alter their resource guarding, greatly reducing the aggression and their reaction with high valued objects, then incorporate the owners into the modification program while their dogs are staying at our facility. Often owners are told to physically correcting this problem (which makes it worse and causes defensive aggression) or the owner becomes fearful intensifying the behavior or they try isolating the dog until an incident occurs. Behavioral problems are the largest reason for owners to euthanize a healthy dog, feeling they have no means to resolve the problems. This gives them an alternative and a means to help the dog that they do love. This is also ideal for dogs with anxieties. If your dog has anxiety towards new places, unknown people, separation anxiety, or other fears; we will determine the true cause of their fear and gently start reducing it, helping them overcome it. Each case is different and unique, so the duration of your dog’s stay with us and pricing is determined on an individual basis once our staff conducts a complete evaluation.

Daisy Before

Daisy After 1 Week

This is Daisy, she has a severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder. When we saw Daisy at her evaluation, everything she was doing would result in severe and intense reactions. From greeting her family, trying to walk her, or just trying to cohabitate with her; would result in severe jumping and biting. Any object she found or any stimulus she was exposed to, would trigger this type of behavior. After one week of in house modification work, you can see she has learned impulse control and is now learning to enjoy her life and her family.

Our programs are not “one size fits all” and are truly customized for your situation, please call us for pricing at (845) 651-3647


We are not a kennel but a small facility with individualized care, treating your dog as if he / she were our own. We have a few climate controlled kennel rooms with outdoor runs. Your dog will enjoy walks with our staff, time out of the kennel on the main floor of the facility and regular play time and exercise. When your dog is in their kennel room, he or she is monitored on video and owners can log in from any smart phone to view their dog in both the indoor and outdoor run.


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