Can you help me on the phone or via video?

Yes, many problems can be explained on the phone. There is no replacement for a behaviorist seeing the dog in person but a phone / video consult can be extremely helpful for clients that cannot travel to us. Through interviewing the client, evaluating their intake form and incident sheets; we can get a feel for what is transpiring.  We prefer to conduct video consultations via skype, webinar, facetime or Google; so that we can see the body language of your dog and view specific situations or exercises.  We can then give the client several exercises to try in order to improve the condition. We also can let you know if we feel the dog has a true disorder or if the condition is behavioral only.  Again, this is not as effective as doing a consult in person, since we cannot physically interact with your dog or trigger certain responses; but if you do not have a behaviorist in your area that specializes in aggression or anxieties, and you cannot travel to us, a video consult is the next best thing.   Phone / video consults are conducted by appointment.

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